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Printing Arts: A Connoisseur of Packaging and Labelling

President, John Ropski,Printing-ArtsJohn Ropski, President
“Packaging can be a theater; it can create a story.”–Steve Jobs

The art of expression carries great significance in the packaging and labeling industry, mainly due to the kind of experiences a product creates in consumers’ minds. John Ropski, president of Printing Arts, summarizes this idea perfectly. “As printing service providers or packaging and labeling experts, we send out millions of products to consumers. But, each of those consumers receives just one item. And, when they open that package—containing a toothpaste, cosmetics, or anything for that matter—a judgment is made, ultimately deciding the reputation of the company.”

Ropski’s comprehension of the experiences created by a product, or merely the packaging or labeling of the same, is something relatable to every consumer across the world. Just the packaging itself complements the unboxing experience a customer goes through with each purchase made. To make these experiences memorable, consumer product companies and OEMs partner with Printing Arts companies, thereby highlighting the value of a product through creative packaging and labeling techniques. “When we partner with a client or enter into a collaboration, we treat that client as our only customer, making them feel special with every engagement,” adds Ropski. Be it a collectible item or personalized coupon interactive direct mail piece for a fortune 500 company or product launch materials or packaging any item within the enterprise marketplace, Printing Arts ensures to uphold the client’s brand image in collaboration, adding merit to how a product looks and feels when delivered to the end customer.

Catering to Flexibility and Urgency

In addition to the aesthetics, every product or equipment manufacturer needs to be flexible and agile while mitigating the urgency associated with post-production processes. For instance, distribution forecasting is one such quintessential factor that makes or breaks an organization’s supply chain. This critical business prerequisite adds a sense of urgency to the packaging and labeling industry, requiring businesses to act on their toes while fulfilling product manufacturers’ needs and requirements. Ropski and his team counter this predicament, with their bold proposition, “When interacting with clients regarding their distribution forecasts, we assure them that if we fail to deliver on the promise of timely fulfillment, we shall pay the necessary fine to cover for the losses; and thus far, we have never paid a single fine.”

This attention to detail in the packaging and labeling sector goes a long way in retaining and developing trust among clients– a differentiating factor that sets Printing Arts apart from the competition. “We bring in much-needed flexibility to accommodate an agile workflow,” says Ropski. “Our processes of faster makereadies and the ability to produce and deliver on varied manufacturing schedules benefit clients greatly.” From simple cold foil press printing services to dexterously managed inventory programs, die-cutting operations, affixing accessories with+/-1/64” precision, and distribution services, Printing Arts offers a plethora of packaging and labeling services to address a multitude of client requirements.

Case in point, Printing Arts is one of the few packaging service providers to eradicate the inconsistencies of hot foil stamping. Although considered a standout solution for packaging and print communications, foil decorating posed challenges for marketers and brand managers due to its high substrate costs.
To improve throughput on the production sequence’s finishing and decoration leg, Printing Arts incorporated in-line cold foiling. As a fast, flexible, and eco-friendly alternative to the customary hot foil, cold foil strikes a perfect balance between shelf impact and costefficiency. These advancements are just one of the many innovative strides taken up by the company, thereby reformulating the modus operandi of the packaging and labeling industry. More importantly, Printing Arts helps clients not only reduce the size and material used for packaging but also ensures that the materials are environment-friendly, sustainable and recyclable.

Spirit of Innovation and Secrecy in Manufacturing

Supplementing its packaging and labeling expertise is Printing Arts’ capability to maintain secrecy in the reproduction of product launch materials, coupons or other high security printing. In the gaming industry some of the codes are the equivalent of the ingame purchases, which are kept secret until unboxed by gamers upon launch of the product. “The gaming industry is one that likes to do a lot of creative things with the infographics that go on the packaging, in addition to safeguarding the images codes, it is also of great importance to preserve the secrecy of the packaging artwork and contents,” explains Ropski. His words highlight the need to prevent the possibility of coupon counterfeiting. By administering camera-controlled production areas, the company can process 10's of millions codes and trackable coupons, assist clients during their launch programs, or carry out test markets and national rollouts. On the printing side of the business, Printing Arts specializes in documented sheet destruction, injecting holographs, unique coatings, micro-embossing, and microprinting functions, offering clients full accountability of deliverables and the much-needed secrecy while providing customerspecific packaging services.

Elaborating on such unique customer-centric engagements, Ropski cites an instance when Printing Arts worked with a consumer product company that provided thin plastic trays. Before the collaboration, the client offered a corrugated box, which could house the tray. Although the tray was recyclable, the outer cover was made of a mounted sheet to corrugated. To overcome this problem, Printing Arts used a different approach that involved printing onpaper board directly, sliding a molded paper tray, that was more ridgid than the plastic tray, into the paperboard carton. The final product had the same rigidity and drop test results, but better form factor, packaging, and printability.

Furthermore, Printing Arts is helping companies move away from non-biodegradable plastic toward more eco-friendly packaging options. With its ‘one client’ approach to collaborations, the company dives deep into each of its customers’ requirements and gives the support to solve their environmental problems every day. On itself, this advancement is quite the exemplary one, considering how most paper-forming companies were established overseas, new ones have entered the US market; Printing Arts has leveled the playing field for consumer product companies with greater choices and flexibility for their packaging needs.

Mastering the Art of Packaging and Labelling

Printing Art’s core competencies within the industry further strengthen the idea that packaging is more than just a fancy, protective cover around a product. The company ensures that—even for a brief moment when a customer picks up a product—an instant connection is formed with the brand through creative packaging techniques. Through various forms of expression, Printing Arts emphasizes the value of a product, keeping the customer connected to what the piece might offer, the benefits of using the brand, and many such questions that subconsciously showcase the manufacturer’s proficiencies. These are the same capabilities that define Printing Arts, a trailblazer of quality and excellence in packaging and printing. Such value propositions are the equivalent of the head start in the race to perfecting the art of packaging and labeling.

To achieve these heights of excellence, Printing Arts combines over 18 years of rich expertise and knowledge with advanced technology to deliver award-winning services to major retail brands and advertising agencies. The company aspires to help customers maximize their effectiveness in the creation, procurement, production, distribution, and management of packaging and printed materials.
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Broadview, IL

John Ropski, President

The company specializes in a wide array of printing, packaging, Interactive direct mailand labeling services.Organizations and OEMs partner with Printing Arts companies to make these experiences memorable, thereby highlighting the value of a product through creative packaging and labeling techniques.Be it a collectible item or personalized coupon interactive direct mail piece for a fortune 500 company or product launch materials or packaging any item within the enterprise marketplace, Printing Arts ensures to uphold the client’s brand image in collaboration, adding merit to how a product looks and feels when delivered to the end customer

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