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Avery Dennison Corporations: Transforming the Packaging and Labeling Space

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Mitchell R. Butier, Avery-Dennison-Corporations, President and CEOMitchell R. Butier, President and CEO
The story of Avery Dennison traces back to the early 1930s when Ray Stanton Avery, a struggling Californian clerk had a vision to build a smarter way for stores to price their products. However, with no money and resources to translate his idea into a practical prototype, it was becoming increasingly challenging for Stanton. Finally, with $100 loan from his fiancée, he converted his rented hundred square feet loft into his workshop. As a result, the world’s first die-cut labeling machine came into existence as a combination of used machine parts with a saber saw.

Flash forward to 2019. The vision that Stanton viewed back then is now a multibillion-dollar company, Avery Dennison Corporations. Today, the company manufactures and distributes display graphics, labeling and packaging materials, retail graphics embellishments and RFID tags in over 50 countries and employs more than 30,000 people. While multiple new product lines have been added to Avery Dennison’s offerings, packaging and labeling solution still holds the spot of primary offering.

Besides changing consumer tastes, the only certainty in consumer-goods is that the shifting landscape. Brands need a ready stream of label and packaging solutions that breaks new ground in efficiency, functionality, and visual appeal. As a packaging and labeling solution provider, Avery Dennison caters to various industry segments including cosmetics, food and beverage, industrial, medical, printing, and retail. To meet specific packaging or labeling needs of the customers, the company offers Select Solutions adhesive portfolios that cover unique and customized label solutions for brands. Additionally, the company offers a product called ClearIntent.
It includes a multitude of facestocks and adhesive made with fewer inputs, certified and renewable materials, and other performance-enhancing innovations as part of Dennison’s sustainable solutions portfolio.

Avery Dennison’s product innovations approach comes in two folds. There are the incremental improvements that the product development team continually makes to existing products and services—to help customers stay updated about changes in printing technologies, and to make the products more sustainable. On the other hand, the landmark innovations from the R&D team persuade the label industry forward. Two of the recent major innovations by the company are heat-sealed product reclosure system and RFID-based smart labels. These innovations help Avery Dennison customers to pass down the value-add to their customers.

Behind the success of Avery Dennison and its solutions, lies the proficiency of a diligent team that includes inventors, engineers, and material makers that support in breaking new grounds, and setting new standards in material science, process engineering, and manufacturing.

At Avery Dennison, the team is completely committed to integrate the sustainability goals with all of their operations and engaging employees at all levels. Across the company, they are harnessing core strengths, applying to sustainability with the same creativity, determination and passion for problem-solving that they bring to their customers. And, beyond their walls, they are tackling industry-wide challenges by collaborating with customers and partners to develop new systems and solutions.

Placing sustainability at the heart of the innovations, the company continues to pursue bold pro-environment goals. Recently, Avery Dennison got together with Wasteflex, the waste management partner of L’oreal to address the issue of recycling label liners that was going into landfill. With the help of Wasteflex, Avery Dennison converted the used label liners to recycled paper pulp. As for the future, the company is currently pioneering a rich pipeline of innovations by collaborating with its customers, brands, and technical experts to continue blazing the trail for the packaging and labeling industry.
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Mitchell R. Butier, President and CEO

The company offers self-adhesive RFID-based labeling solution for various industry segments including cosmetics, food and beverage, medical, printing, and retail

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